Who here plays League of Legends?


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May 2, 2019
League of legends is a game that my friend is seriously telling me to install on my PC. While I don't see anything wrong with doing so, I want to get reviews from gamers that have played it here. How is the game to you?
I play League of Legends. I also have managed to make some decent progress with the game among friends. But I have never tried the esports competition. I may have to consider it in near future.
I love playing video games and nowadays i'm playing League of Legends. The reason behind posting the thread is just in case i need help and if someone is playing the same then he/she can help me.
Yoo I play league of legends, EUNE Sktt1fakerrrrrrr , level 180. Eagerly awaiting LoL Worlds 2020 to start, repping Damwon gaming to carry LCK's pride, league esports is too fun!
I love LoL. I've been playing a lot recently. What console do you play it on?

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