Who here has played Civilization VI?


Feb 1, 2019
This latest entry into Sid Meier’s Civilization series is an astonishing time sink, with the possibility to spend more than 1,000 hours across multiple games scrapping your way to global domination using strategy, diplomacy, and, when everything else fails, all out war.

The AI can be shonky at times and confusing itself and getting stuck in the same flurry of actions but there’s a lot to love here. Each of the current 24 civilization leaders are colorful animated and bursting with personality, and there’s enough variety in their strengths, weaknesses and unique units to make playing different nations fun. :p
I absolutely love the Civilization games. But I wish there was more to it in terms of combat. Like more animations and battles.
I am kind of addicted to the AI in the civilization. It can be pretty brutal. And also it knows when to trigger the attacks lot quickly. I think Age of Empires series also had that sort of the specialization. It's fun to see such AI rich adventure and strategy games these days. It's definitely fun on that note.
Yeah I got a buddy who is really into this game. He loves civilization. Him and his dad are always constantly playing this game. I noticed the it's not just on PC but now is also on the Nintendo Switch and who knows what other platforms it might be on. He plays it on PC though. I tried it once at his house with his dad and I thought it was sort of okay. But it seems more of a game you play after you get used to it. I didn't know how to play. It's probably quite addicting when you get started with it.
I think civilization, rise of nations, age of empires are type of the game that attracts different type of crowd. And people tend to love playing those games for a reason. It means they want to make sure that they are playing those games for their own strategic improvement. I loved playing it for many reasons though like it's sharp for mind.

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