Who here games on a Raspberry Pi?


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Jan 10, 2019
Who games on a Raspberry Pi? What computer games do you play on this retro platform? I have formally owned a one although I broke the microSD card inside the slot by accident a few years back and never got around to replacing it.
I have heard of some of the brave souls who are attempting to play on the raspberry pi. I mean I can't imagine the big games to be working on it. But DOSBOX and the android emulators and it's game can work out just fine.
We had a class project which a group made a game station out of their Pi and I got to enjoy it. It's a neat idea I need to do one of these days.
Yes it seems like the raspberry pi is among the demand in the school and colleges. Not sure how much it would be for the gaming machine from what I have seen won't be that powerful.

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