Which two video games would you combine to make your dream game?

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Dec 25, 2018
Breath of the Wild and Final Fantasy XI

I love BOTWs freedom of movement, and zone design that encourages explorations. However I dislike the relative lack of things to do. A remake of Final Fantasy XI but taking the open world ethos of BotW would be the perfect game.
I would like to see Witcher and Mass Effect combined. Witcher's combat system and open world would look great in Mass Effects outer space theme. Also, I would like Mass Effects companion system to see in that mash up.

How cool would that be you could spend days exploring a planet and then another day to explore another planet. Interacting with aliens and also fighting them.

How about you? What could be your "Dream game'?
My dream game would be a mash up of Rockstar Table Tennis and Terminator 2 arcade. So you would be whacking Terminators with ping pong balls and they bounce back so you need to keep your rally going.
Tough but it would have to be Grand Theft Auto V and either the Crew 2 or Forza Horizon. I would probably end up going with Forza Horizon and GTA V in the end. I think the one thing that could be improved with Grand Theft Auto is definitely the vehicles and the driving so to bring everything over from Forza would just make GTA so good. Plus, being able to drive actual cars and not ones that have been made up and designed by Rockstar would be so good.
This is a very complicated answer (at least for me).

Well... I couldn't name a mix of two games, but I could name a mixture of two different genres: psychological horror / suspense with extremely realistic graphics and sounds (something that made me immerse in the game without making much effort).

I think with a mix like that... I would be very satisfied, haha!
Currently I am thinking that if someone combines the Pokemon Go system with the Horror game. Imagine your phone showing you some ghost or creature or monster in next lane to your houses. And someone else appears in the balcony. So it can be pretty creepy to check that one out. But either way I'd say that such combination can be fun to check out.
I would choose Resident Evil and Final Fantasy combined. It's definitely going to be one hell of a game because it would bring in great characters together to form an incredible fight and action.
For me perhaps I can mix darksiders and the devil may cry. And also including some MOBA like element into that game would make a super game. I know for sure that such games are possibility in future.
Witcher 3 and Valheim...give me building, crafting, a wonderful storyline, questing, RPG, survival and gathering, with coop and I'm an happy person
Bloodborn with Fable . Bloodborn battle system and world design with Fable fate system free roam and the ability to own property so you can live there FOREVER !

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