Which payment platform do you use when purchasing gaming related stuff?


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Jan 10, 2019
When your purchasing micro-transactions in-game or another service which is gaming related, which payment platform do you use and explain your reasoning why please. I've been using PayPal for just over 3 years now. Their customer service, security and services are superb and all of my friends would agree with this statement.
My current mode of payment is through debit card. I don't own credit card so I can't pay for the in app purchase with it. However with Google play store, I can buy credits using the debit card. And also in some games they offer paypal as an option to buy in app purchase items. And paypal has a good refund policy so it works out.
Yes, primarily PayPal. I'd use PM, but sadly not many accept it.
I mostly use PayPal to purchase video games but that is not always an option because I live in a country where digital payment is still in the "process" of discovering. Sometimes I use cash - there is a machine, something like an ATM but not exactly, which allows you to put money into your Steam account for an example by paying with cash. I try to stay await for it as it's more costly.
I just go straight through with any payments via my debit card function as offered. If PayPal is offered I will go through there rather than through the native card bit but that's only because PayPal has my details in so it makes the process a bit easier as I'm far too lazy to go around filling in all those fields with my card information haha. Anything which makes me use less energy I'm happy to use. :p
Yes, primarily PayPal. I'd use PM, but sadly not many accept it.
The problem with Perfect Money is that it's shady. I mean they are kind of like Alertpay and the LibertyReserve. So something like that gets less trust. I know many game developers these days have better option but in past it was not the case.

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