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Which MMO games do you like?


If any which MMOs do you enjoy playing and why, over a lot of years i spent a lot of time in World of Warcraft which is a very long time going back now probably 8-9 years now to this day and still do play it on and off.

I love the way you can go about the world how you feel and earn gold to interactions with other people or crafting somthing someone needs, not only that i normally love the mage because of the portal res you can have which allows you or others to freely move the world without a flight path or static portal.

Which MMOs do you all enjoy and why?


I used to play WOW most of the time. And most of those MMO used to be good in that time. Now a days we have more and more game options. I also loved the League of Legend. Which is now pretty much famous on the esports too.

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