Which consoles do you own/use for gaming?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
Just wanted to start a quick discussion because I'm interested to know what kind of platforms you lot all use for your gaming needs. Myself, I'm an XBOX One and a PC person. I do dabble on my 3DS from time to time though when I feel the need for a bit a of Pokemon. What about you? Take part in the poll and let us know!
My current collection has the PS 4 and the XBOX 360. I know a bit old on the XBOX collection. So that tend to be something I have to watch out on the note as well. I may consider having the Stadia platform instead of buying any more new consoles from here onwards though. Because there is no strong reason to use console for me.
PC and a Smart Phone. I formally owned a Xbox 360 as my primary gaming method but I upgraded to a PC not to long ago and changed platforms completely. I'm not looking back, it was a great decision that I made.
I use/own an Xbox One X, PS4, PC and my smartphone for gaming! But primarily use my xbox to play more FPS games.
PS 4 and XBOX 360. Those are the old ones that I own. I am these days get more or less phone based games from here onwards. I don't see much value in the non phone based games because the new consoles based game cost a lot of money. I prefer having the simple and free games in such case as well. That's what I am thinking so far.
Well I was always a PC person even though I always had numerous consoles. PC is easier to maintain.

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