Which Assassin's Creed game is best suited to me?


I have always wanted to give the Assassins Creed games a go but never really had the time. I am now looking to do so but with so many games now out there I have no idea what one would be best for me to try first.
I am a PS4 owner and love the far cry franchise with its open worlds, variety of game styles, outposts etc.
I guess I’m looking for the Assassins Creed game most similar to a far cry game.
But which one is that?!
Thanks for your time and look forward to reading your suggestions.


I'd say think about going through all canon stuff. Start with first game and then move as you please. Sometimes going on that order is worth it.

Ashish Lall

Well you can try with Assassins creed revelation after completing this game u must go for syndicate and origins.
Just Start with revelation and I can assure you won't regret it.