Where do you want the map of GTA VI to be set in?


Mar 23, 2019
Each person is individual and unique and has different preferences from another one. For those of you who are playing GTA V now, where do you want the map of GTA VI to be set in? Considering the size of the current game, it wouldn't be a surprise if the next one is featuring the whole USA map (maybe).

Personally, I feel like the next place should be Russia - after all the game is called Grand Theft Auto and not Saints Row where people fly with their bikes and cars and have laser miniguns which kill a player in 2 shots. In Russia the mafia is a big thing and the criminal element will be the main aspect in the game as it needs to be.

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
A Russian element would be quite nice I think actually versus the Ameri-centric rule of the other GTA Games bar that time in London but I can't see them doing that really. I think one of the more likely scenarios for the next GTA is that the map will comprise of a Vice City like environment with the option to do some travel down to South America (as part of the narco's trade or something) to make it feel a bit more 'expansive'. Will be good either way though!