Where do you want the map of GTA VI to be set in?


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Mar 23, 2019
Each person is individual and unique and has different preferences from another one. For those of you who are playing GTA V now, where do you want the map of GTA VI to be set in? Considering the size of the current game, it wouldn't be a surprise if the next one is featuring the whole USA map (maybe).

Personally, I feel like the next place should be Russia - after all the game is called Grand Theft Auto and not Saints Row where people fly with their bikes and cars and have laser miniguns which kill a player in 2 shots. In Russia the mafia is a big thing and the criminal element will be the main aspect in the game as it needs to be.
A Russian element would be quite nice I think actually versus the Ameri-centric rule of the other GTA Games bar that time in London but I can't see them doing that really. I think one of the more likely scenarios for the next GTA is that the map will comprise of a Vice City like environment with the option to do some travel down to South America (as part of the narco's trade or something) to make it feel a bit more 'expansive'. Will be good either way though!

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