What's your favourite free video game?


Most video games nowadays are paid but still there are truly hidden gems in the free area. Do you have any favourite free video game that you love spending hours in? It doesn't matter what platform it's for. Just share. :D

I think my favourite free one would be Team Fortress 2. It's available on Steam for PC and it's a very fun video game to play if you love FPS. Also, there aren't a lot of cheaters which is rare to see.


Matt C. recommended The Witness which is free on Epic Games or was at the time but it's now one of my favorite puzzle video games! I don't usually enjoy puzzle video games but this one got me addicted.

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Honestly, my 'free' game is a stupid little one that I got addicted to thanks to my fiances little sister. It's a game on Android/iOS called Bitlife. Basically it's just a 'life' simulator, you get a job/buy houses/talk smack to your parents etc. but it's just a smorgasbord of puns and funny little interludes. Like even at the age of 3/4, you can pick a fight with your sister/brother and one of the notifications that has come up before for me is "You have punctured X's testicles'. I just laughed out loud when I saw that. Yes, I am a weirdo like this. :)