What's your favorite retro game?


Feb 6, 2019
Gaming memories and nostalgia from the 80s and 90s.

What's your favorite retro game?
Mortal Combat, Street Fighter and Super Mario Bros. are the popular games of my time the 90's era. There's a lot to mention but these three games are the most played by kids before including me and my siblings using the Ninntendo console which is a perfect gaming console at that time and including SEGA as well. I guess I'm lucky to play those during my childhood.
Nintendo is home to some of the classic arcade and retro games. Those games are not only doing good with resell value. But those games tend to be lot more better in terms of the content too. I personally use the emulators to play some of those games. And it can be fun playing them. I also prefer to play the classic Sonic and the Mario and few other Nintendo only games there.

What are some of your favorite nintendo games?
If you have DOSBOX then you can still learn how to install and play those games. I have learned how to install the DOSBOX and also make use of the local folders for the usage of the gaming. I can tell you that gaming memories are not that much effective for me anymore as I tend to play a lot of games.
What is your favorite? Well, mine was this World War II one. It involved bombing Japanese held islands. Anyway, I forgot the name - since I last played it in the 90s. O.K. it was for Apple.
I think I have a lot of those games. Like say Contra, digdug, 1947 and many other titles. I remember most of them to be played for SEGA. And also for the dreamboy etc. Those were fun games. And it is not easy to find out those games these days as is and due to developers not releasing those games open.
Mine is the original version of Pacman. I enjoy the concept of the game. What about you? Why?
I think for me it has to be 1947 Tank game. It's one game where there are chances of the getting hit and game over are high. And it's definitely tough game if you ask me.
It will always be Megaman X for the SNES, the motions were fluid and fun to do.
I remember games like donkey kong, digdug and many other similar games which were kind of arcade. It was a good experience, playing them on the DOSBOX.

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