Question What's your favorite programming language, and what programming language do you wish to learn/are learning now?


Hack The Planet!
Oct 21, 2019
Title pretty much says it all. :)

The languages I've learned so far are Java (taught in my Computer Science class) and Python (self-taught). It's weird because Java and Python are the exact opposites (different typing (static vs dynamic), braces vs no braces, loop style, etc), but I honestly prefer Python to Java due to the clean nature of the code.

Take these few lines of code, for instance. Which one seems cleaner?
public class Main
    public static void Main(String[] args)
        //This is just a test.
        String var1 = "Test";

# will create a variable called var1 which is a string holding "Test"
var1 = "Test";

# prints it out
print var1;

Can you see why I enjoy Python?

If you've learned a programming language (or a bunch of them), what programming language is your favorite out of all of them? (By the way, you don't have to pick just one language - you can talk about why you like multiple languages.)

Aside from programming languages which you've learned, are there any programming languages that you wish to learn? Why? (And if you don't know any programming languages, what is a language that you'd like to learn?
Oh wow. Never dealt with Python, seems so clean/neat! That’s awesome! I’m pretty much self taught, but might have to look into Python.
I think the best part about self-learning Python is I can finally use Flask. Flask is awesome for making websites, and I really think it's one of the best web frameworks out there.

Now, I no longer need to learn PHP just for the purposes of cobbling together a website - I can simply use Python + Flask to create great websites, and I like the idea a lot.
Python's the language I'd like to learn next, because it definitely is a nice and clean language to read, so I can only imagine how nice it is syntactically to work with. Wouldn't mind learning Ruby and Go, either.

I learned Java in my computer science classes, as well, and taught myself a little PHP to get myself by. Was doing web development for a good 15 years, as well, so I'm familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and like frameworks such as Bootstrap. Trying to learn the Twig templating system, too. Can never have too many tools in one's arsenal!
Coming from a Sysadmin background I've been exposed to PHP the most "in the wild" but lately work more with YAML and bash scripting due to consistently working with Docker containers. Of course I wouldn't consider YAML, Bash, HTML, or CSS actually programming but making my way up to learning Python :)
none, I'm just a wannabe. ?

although I am interested in javascript and python.

or maybe even CSS and HTML too. ?

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