What's you Favorite Game Soundtrack?


Music is a big part of building atmosphere in a game, and there are just so many games that are enhanced by their beautiful soundtracks. I'm partial to the music in the Ookami franchise, and the Legend of Zelda franchise's soundtracks. Then there's Utada Hikaru and her songs for the Kingdom Hearts games. I had those songs in my playlist for years!

What about you? Do you have any particular game soundtracks that you find breathtaking?


Ragnarok Prontera theme, it gives me a very different feeling or experience which I can't really explain. :D The music is so relaxing, it gives me chills, and it makes me feel like I am in the real world playing this RPG, feels like a real life adventure. :D


Legend of Zelda's franchise has handsdown the best soundtracks out there, in my opinion. Ocarina of Time is a favorite of mine, it gives me such a feeling of nostalgia when I listen to Saria's Song! ?
Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania and Final Fantasy had pretty good soundtracks too. And I remember really enjoying Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (GameCube) soundtrack.
Edit: I forgot to mention Cuphead's soundtrack which is really good and my current favorite.
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For me, it's an "Honourable mention-world of Goo". Especially the final level of it is my favourite.
I'm going to accompany the colleagues who said that "Legend of Zelda" is the game with the best soundtrack. The sound of this game is something really unbeatable for the competition... The quality of work is just insane!

It's a work that borders on perfection in many aspects. I really like it.


I think for me it would be legends never die of Ligue of legeds! it seems to me an excellent song and to others very good animation!


The Super Mario soundtrack is a classic! Pretty sure when you hear it, you'll immediately recognize that it's from the game.


Kingdom hearts series, FF series, Legend of Zelda, Thousand arms, xenogears. A lot of games have really great soundtracks to listen to but as always I prefer the old games.


Ragnarok OST is so pleasing in the ears. If you can hear every Theme of the City is very relaixing . it is a musical theme.


I think homeworld and remastered version of the games definitely have good soundtrack. And overall in terms of the gaming performance those are good games from my observation.


Pretty much every Sonic game has a amazing soundtrack but Sonic 3K and Sonic CD (Japanese) soundtracks are the best. I also love Legend of Legaia's soundtrack too!
Many series have lots of great ost. From Zelda to final fantasy to trails of cold steel. I will say my most favorite so far is the dot hack music.