What's the worst mobile game you've tried?


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Mar 27, 2019
Many of us learn the hard way what practices we don't like when it comes to our mobile games. There are some things we can get used to but some companies will still try hard to push the line with a poorly made excuse for a game. You can find the game has a progress wall that can only be overcome with your money. So many adverts hindering the experience, controls that won't respond or a "game" that is just a cynical cash grab. So having swift through all this, I am sure you got your tastes and your lines when it comes to games that you consider worth your time.

And I am sure the worst experiences you've had are probably memorable and worth to be shared.
What have been the worst mobiles you have ever had the misfortune to play and why were they so terrible?
I think there are some of the MOBA games that seems to be pretty bad. I find it a bit hard to even play them. Because they are more complicated. And have lot of grinding to make the characters powerful. So it can be pretty time waster in that context. I would say personally It's not something I want to do for long time. Just play and ignore type how I see things now.

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