What's the worst behaviour you've encountered in an MMO game?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
I suppose for me, the worst behaviour I've seen was myself as I supported and was part of a toxic time in Runescape's history as I ran several bots to farm gold, I sold gold to many other people for money (which i just used to improve my set up with paid bots lol) and generally, I was quite a toxic little guy in my own way on Runescape.

What about you?


I think a lot of gamers bully each other and have their own agenda. And also they tend to attack you based on the political opinions. So that sort of stuff is definitely affects in the MMO.


Even PUBG had chinese bots. And they tend to be destroying the game. And in 1 minute they used to kill the opponents. Which can be pretty difficult to watch out for.

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