What's the most microtransactions you've ever spent on a game?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
What's the most amount of money you've ever spent on a game? With the amount of micro transactions in games nowadays in addition to the already high price, have you ever took our your wallet and went on a little spending spree? For me, Runescape is where I spent most of my money online (excluding the membership fees). I used to buy a lot of gold, resell it or use it in-game and obviously bonds when they came out to combat that kind of thing. It wasn't all bad though because I used to sell my services as a botter for people on a RS cheats forum I frequented at the time and I had people giving me loads of money to run paid RS bots on their accounts for them because I had access. That was a sweet little earner when you're 14 haha.

What about you? Would you ever buy something in addition to the game? If not, why not?
I think I had my share of the 10$ or so on some of the games. I have no plans on wasting any more money on the games now. I use google opinion rewards for paying for some of the games now. But overall I'd say that micro transaction seems to be going to be upsetting many people.
I've only bought DLC, not sure if that counts? I don't believe in wasting money on Micro transactions.
Bought the Fortnite Battle Pass once and that was it. Now I rely on Save the World and the Vbucks from the Battle Pass to buy the next one so I've never spent any more money on the game :D
So realm defense this week has released new hero. And people seem to be spending a lot of money on it. I have spent around 5$ to acquire the hero. And I guess I'd be spending more than that from what I have noticed so far about this hero and the total money required for power up.

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