What's the hardest video game you've played?


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Jan 10, 2019
So what's the most difficult single title you've ever played? What was it called? Have you been able to play and overcome the obstacles in the video game?
Batman Arkham Asylum was very hard for me. I quit playing it even with God mode. LOL
For me it was Myst on the PS1, and now that I see Cuphead has come to the Switch I fear that will rank number 1 on my list...
I think puzzle games and the shooting games tend to be difficult due to the sniper element in the shooting and the mystery part in the puzzle games. But those are worth playing as those games tend to be good for the mind exercise.
I think old Wolfestein game was hard and it was not easy to finish it.
I really try and avoid hard ones, though final fantasy Dissida NT is really jumping up in my list.
I remember about five or six years ago, when I first discovered The Worlds Hardest Game. Boy, that was certainly a struggle.
And of course, who can forget Dark Souls, or Dark Souls II, or Dark Souls III? While I never played any of the Dark Souls games, they were certainly infamous among the gaming community.

xenonVirus. It's kind of hard to define the world's hardest game, because everything is subjective depending on who you ask. :)
I have currently played the halloween map of the PUBG Mobile Lite and it can be pretty tough to survive till dawn.

Skyrim but I first played that when I was younger so it may have just been because of my age. It also didn't help that I didn't like the game that much and certain aspects annoyed me so I probably didn't pay enough attention to be good at the game.
any racing game.. :(
Which ones have you tried? I find arcade style racers much easier than sims. That being said, I love the Need for Speed series. I've never finished any of them tho! lol

The hardest game I've played? Hmmm.....not sure. I've played hundreds and hundreds of PC games over the years.

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