What's the best VPN for Video Games?

Depends on what kind of VPN you want.
For gaming, you'll probably want a VPN with speed in mind. Here's a list to some of the best ones. Personally, I'd go with VyperVPN or Windscribe.
Specify what you need a VPN for. I usually use Veepn. It is well suited for circumventing regional restrictions, as well as has a multiplatformity, which is a very big plus for me, but still this VPN is not suitable for games, since my ping increased by two.
VPN makes other people lag. And it can be pretty bad for the gaming. So people if you have to use VPN, just mark your profile as such so that good people don't end up getting matched with you in the battle royalle games.
When choosing VPN for gaming speed is important factor but not enough alone, you need to see if the provider has usage limits and country specific restrictions.
Most of the time VPN kind of slows the people down. And it's not even worth jamming the rest of the players. And most almost every battle royale gets damaged like that.

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