What's the best time to play

As a society, we all have different work and study plans. Some of us work or learn in the dark rather than daylight.

Thinking of yourself personally, what would you generally say is the best time for you to play computer games and how long for

Morning, afternoon, evening, or at night?


I think best time depends on the time where you can churn without being responsible for the time being spent. So I guess weekends, breaks between work and the time we spend in train and the transport. Those are the times when we tend to play on our own. And it can be pretty much a good option on that note.


Yeah, weekends usually for me. I don't play much during the week because of work and school, so i usually binge on the weekend.


For me, at least I think so, the best time to get on the PC and play some video games is during the evening. I have finished all what I was planning to finish during the day and I have my time now for gaming and to relax. No one can say you a thing when you want to have some rest. In the weekends I find all parts of the day to be perfect for a long gaming session.