What's the best gaming mouse in 2020?


Aug 12, 2020
Hi guys ,

im looking for a new gaming mouse since my deathadder is now dead, i can spend $50 and $60 at most for gaming mouse and so far after research i have this list of gaming mouse under $50 (8 Top (Tested) Gaming Mouse Under 50 )

My top choices are the G403 and the G502 hero because they have the PMW3366 sensor from pixart, but i dont know if the other mice have it which is supposed to be the best. The idea is to find a good value. Steelseries MMO mouse seems solid too. I usually play RTS, RPGs and CSGO.

My hand-size is 18.8 cm x 10.4 cm. I will be happy about your recommendations and suggestions and i hope you guys are able to help me. Have a good day!