What's the Best Game during NFT NYC Event?


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Jul 29, 2022
I have the opportunity to go to NFT NYC event.

I visit one of the exhibitor's booth during the event, Mythic Protocol. Their booth is almost always full and I got the chance to actually try the demo. The game itself is pretty straight forward rogue-like ARPG. Imagine it as Archero, Thetan Arena, or Brawl Stars but in a more refined 3D graphics. Although it was a short demo, I can say that Mythic Protocol is the best playable demo during the event. The graphics, mechanics, and controller feel is very on point to the level that I'm a impressed that an NFT game can reach this new level.

The game itself feel pretty balanced, with a good mechanics and impressive sound effects. The graphic is a bit on the darker side, with a pretty good concept of enemy and hero.

Shout out for the developers that taking the time to open up a booth in NFT NYC. I am looking forward the release of this game.

Is there any indie NFT game that you can recommend? I visit several booth during the event but I certainly got hooked on this one!

I will update here if they have any update on their twitter.

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