Discussion What's a game you are just terrible at, but you still think is fun and awesome?


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Jul 2, 2020
Title says it all.

For me recently I started playing Trials of the Blood Dragon. A dirt biking game set in the Far Cry Blood Dragon universe. I've not completed the game, but so far I've only had two "perfect" runs and every other has been a "D" or an "F" except for a couple of "C"s.

I'm just horrible at it, but it's a great and fun game.
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Rainbow Six Siege. I’m not good at it but it’s thrilling, tense, and plays like no other competitive FPS out there.
Super Mario Maker 2. Artistically, I really enjoy and find pleasure in creating levels. At the end of the day though, I just suck at making anything worth playing. I just don't have the skills or vision for it. It's like learning a whole other language. But the platforming can be difficult and fun too.
Some games I'm very good at like CSGO yet comes to rainbow Six Siege I'm not that good even that it's still a first shooting game.

But at times I can pay a game and get good and other times I play and I get bad at it. those classic moment
For me it has to be battle royale games that kind of make me fun to play and also I am not that good with them. Like surviving till the end is a bit pain if you ask me. I get tired after some time of running and thne camping is often necessary. I guess this is issue with this game format.
Back in the day it was Ape Escape games, had a hard time capturing the targets but it was fun to do.
XCOM 2. I'm a really bad commander and sometimes I make enough mistakes to wipe the entire squad. Doesn't stop me from playing it and replaying the parts where I screwed up to fix them.

Battle Royale games, too. I'm not the best at them, but I keep replaying them.

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