What would it take to open a games store?


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Jan 24, 2019
Movie rental places are as gone as the dinosaurs; nonetheless, every US city (not sure about your country) has at least one or more gaming stores. O.K. Game Stop and G2K are big franchises in this, but some independents exist. Anyway, what you think it would take to open a gaming store? How much capital? What methods to stomp the competition?
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With DLC and the digital only mode for the games, I don't think gaming store is any future left now. I think Stadia would pretty much make it harder for consoles and the gaming store to survive from here onwards. And many game developers and the gamers both are going to be saving money in such context.
Many challenges are faced when opening a gaming store. Five obstacles I can see are listed below. Maybe launching a digital gaming marketplace could be more successful? The Internet is growing rapidly.

  1. Financial barries - how will you get an initial investment to start the company and what's the plan to keep a steady cash flow to pay for rent, electricity, wages, and other essentials costs?
  2. Competitor competition - what would be different about your business unlike others?
  3. Digital Games Market- A lot of gamers are turning to online shopping. An example being Steam.
  4. Location - what's the most popular shopping centre or location which will benefit your store?
  5. Staff - will you be a sole trader or would you be looking to hire?
So many factors to consider...
To open a successful physical gaming store nowadays seems as hard as winning the lottery. It has to be opened in a country where piracy doesn't exist or is within very small rates, a place where the internet connection isn't that fast and also a place where there is enough people to make purchases. Well, I have noticed that gaming stores are only popular in the USA and some other countries. In the Eastern world everyone prefers digital download as they can also get most video games for free. A lot of money need to be invested if you want to start one.
I don't see success easy these days with reselling the games. You can at the most open steam like store online. And there you can share the low priced games. This is something that may work instead of the game stores that you can do with the brick and the mortar type of the games. That I can tell you for sure.

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