What was your first gaming t-shirt?


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Mar 27, 2019
Today after work and before heading home I decided to go and buy some gaming Tshirts to mail to my friends. I think it is a bit late to hope for them to reach them on Christmas but I will be happy if they receive them no matter when that is.

I love owning and seeing around gaming T-shirts. My first one was a pair from Hot Topic. A Zelda one that said "Don't make me go ZELDA on you!" and another with a Piranha plant saying "Byte me". Haha. I could only find the first one. It is still one of my favourites but I wore it until it was in rags. This is what it looked like:
Do you guys remember your first gaming Tshirts?

Do you have a favourite of all time?
Feel free to show us pictures if you got them.
I am going to buy few T shirts this christmas. Mostly on gaming themes if possible.
I do think that by buying official merchandise to some extent we do help the game studios. And that may also be in some way a sort of donation.

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