What was a game you're glad someone recommended to you?


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Mar 27, 2019
I'm sure we all have an idea on what kind of games we would like to recommend to other people.

If we're lucky, we probably know a few other gamers, even if our tastes are not identical.

It can be an interesting experience when someone recommends us a game we didn't think much about before or we assumed that we wouldn't like it.

So, what games have you been recommended?

Are there any games you feel glad someone encourage you to give it a proper chance?
For me there are many titles like mobile legends, dark siders, serious sam and many other horror games of various types.
the neptunia game series, the gameplay sucks but I really love the story of all their games.
Life is Strange (currently really digging Life is Strange 2). I don't think I would have ever picked it up on my own -- seemed a bit slow. I got rather swept up with it though. The soundtracks are really nice too.
I think Mobile legends made me pretty much addictive to the MOBA games. And it was kind of fun playing with those games. So I'd say anyone who is not into MOBA is definitely worth trying.
Probably Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005). I was 12 years old when I first learned about it because my friend showed it to me. Before that, I wasn't interested in cars or racing games because I thought that all of them limit you to repetitive racing tracks, but then I discovered that NFS: MW was an open-world game that was very strange to me at the time. It's like GTA but with an exclusive focus on cars, which really surprised. I like the tunning of cars, because it felt like creative self-expression as your car basically is your avatar in the Rockport city. However, Need for Speed series lost its way after the 2007 NFS: Pro Street, because it was built around all the racing game aspects I hated (limited to tracks, no open world etc.). Nonetheless, I very hopeful about the new NFS: Heat as it seem to be aiming to capture the spirit of the old Need for Speed games.
For me Mobile Legends seems to be working way better than the most. I tend to play a lot of heroes. And people are enjoying my streams too.


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