Question What video games are you playing over Christmas?


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May 30, 2020
Demon's Souls, Dirt 5, Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Watchdogs Legion are all on my list. How about you?
Some retro-gaming is on my slate, mainly some old-school Final Fantasy action (4, 6, or 9 - I'll probably just pick one), in addition to my usual Warframe and Genshin Impact rotation. I have a massive Steam backlog I could pick from. One of these days I need to dive into the Yakuza series.
Unfortunately don't have a system on me, but I'm in the middle of TLoU2 (and really enjoying it). Just picked up Octopath Traveler which I've wanted for a really long time. Also picked up all of the Gunvolt Chronicles games. I might pick up MLB The Show 20 too - I've been wanting to try a good baseball game and it gets pretty good reviews.
I've been playing Rage 2 on PC and really enjoying it. I don't remember reviews being particularly positive but saw it cheap on PC and decided to give it a shot. I wasn't overly keen on the starting mission but once that is over and the game opens up to the wastelands, a really nice looking game that runs really well (getting 60fps in QHD at max settings on my 2060) awaits.

As to how best describe this, if someone put Doom, Borderlands and Mad Max into a blender, this is what would come out.
Mainly FIFA, Fall Guys, and GTA Online. I still need to start Miles Morales
Rage 2 completed. Enjoyed that and now onto Chance of Rain 2. Really not sure about this as it feels quite hard with no respite to catch your breath. Also don't like the fact that nothing seems to carry through to the next play through. Going to give the multiplayer a try next so hopefully things will improve.
I've been digging back into Forza Horizon 4 recently, for whatever reason. Having a lot of fun with it, too!
I've been playing a bit of Pokemon Shield on the Switch when I've had the chance but I've been so busy with Christmas and the website itself. Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday.
Played Valhalla (Series X), NBA 2K21 (Stadia), Cyberpunk 2077 (Stadia), Madden NFL 21 (Series X)
I hadn't really played any. Maybe 1 hour of The Sims. I've just been so busy with Programming, work, and applying for jobs that I haven't had time.
Not a lot of spare time over the Holidays, but a bit of FH5 and a bit more of the Halo Infinite campaign

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