What video game made you rage quit?


Feb 1, 2019
It's happened to the best of us. Have you ever played a game that made you so mad you had to quit? Have you ever thrown your controller to the ground, or smashed your fist into your keyboard? I want to hear all the best rage quitting stories you've got. Let me know!
StarFox: Dinosaur Planet. I quit when I was within the tribe of I think talking Dilphosauruses and couldn't beat that strength challenge. I just quit and never played the game again.
Probably Savage 2. It was an old MMO and somewhat glitchy. These glitches were abused by some players and it made me so angry.
Fortnite. I can't even build a proper ladder and the enemy there is good they only take one shot then i died. I had always empty out my guns but still i can't kill enemies ..
Any online games especially MOBA. There are times that I am throwing my phone or mouse because of a toxic teammate.
The only game that I have rage quit is FIFA. That only gaming series is a mess and I hate EA for what they did with FIFA because it's such a good game (in general) but they've ruined certain aspects of it. The fact that they control the games so that the other player has chances to win if they aren't good at the game is extremely annoying and has made me rage quit several times. I don't mind losing to people better than me but to lose because the game decides to help the other player, is extremely annoying.
I have never got that enraged, but occasionally, when I lose, I really feel bad about it. Maybe I need to develop more passion for games. I usually see gaming as a pastime just like watching movies, so, when I lose, I feel disappointed, but that is all. Never banged down a keyboard or phone
It's happened to the best of us. Have you ever played a game that made you so mad you had to quit? Have you ever thrown your controller to the ground, or smashed your fist into your keyboard? I want to hear all the best rage quitting stories you've got. Let me know!
Too many to count. I've since gotten much better about it now that I'm old af and have matured, but man, my teenage years...I've broken so many expensive console controllers, put my fist through my Playstation (the original), and so on. Some of the games that caused this were pro wrestling games. Damn things are programmed to cheat Kappa.

Now days, I play a lot of Dead by Daylight where I occasionally have to take a break from, because it pisses me off too much. But other than that, I'm pretty chill.
I have not come to a point of being extremely mad on games that I need to quit. Every game is a challenge that we need to conquer and enjoy. But I had experienced arguments with other players who are out of control for their emotion and expectation. It is hard to deal with gamer who can't accept defeat and always have the superiority state of mind.
I don't think I've ever gotten to the point of ragequitting, though I came very close back when I was still playing league of legends. The occasional toxic troll can get to you, even if you know better to take the bait, sometimes.

I had another close call with Fate: Grand Order thanks to the summon gatcha rolls. I think I had saved about five hundred saint quartzes and I still couldn't roll for that one particular 5-star character I badly wanted.
Once I used to ragequit in an MMORPG I used to play (12Sky), and lately it was League of Legends (bad teams made me crumble). But nowadays I'm less attached with the results within the game so I care less, therefore don't rage as well.
I experience this on a phone game called Dragon Nest. The game was good but when I am loosing because of some lag on my phone, I tend to smack and even throw my phone until I bought a new phone to have a smooth gaming experience but I decided to quit though.
Most of the puzzle and mystery games make me rage quit. Because those games definitely get you the most. I have just realized that it's always better to watch the gameplay videos first before you can quit any specific game. So another thing is that puzzle games seems to be an interesting to try out in such case as well.
?‍♂️Ok, I haven't really rage quit because of a specific game, but I absolutely have quit in a fit of frustration when my internet keeps slowing down! In retrospect, I wonder what the person who takes my call at my internet provider is thinking, when I complain about speed issues and gaming.
I don't remember what game exactly, but it was a Pokemon Games (maybe Emerald). The details are fuzzy, but I lost a lot of saved data and smashed my Nintendo DS on the ground, breaking it. Oops.
To be honest if I had to mention the game that made me rage quit the most it's call of duty black ops 3. Mainly because the whole thing is usually rigged for me at least and it's just annoying. I don't really rage and I know how to deal with it. Still it's annoying loading a clip into someone (for their 150 health plus body armor if they have it) and they don't die. Then they kill you in a couple shots. It gets on my nerves. WW2 wasn't as bad as BO4 and was actually playable. What a mess they've made
I think there are many games that you can see in the market that make you rage quit. And it's kind of hard to work around with those sort of the games to work the way you want them to. It just makes things a bit harder overall even on android. I have had those days when I had to ragequit on android games.
There were a couple of times when I was playing solo in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and always was getting in a team full of trollers, griefers and whatnot. I just abandoned the match and quit the game. Valve is doing nothing to stop that toxic behaviour as well as cheating which is a bigger problem. But now when I started to play with friends things are all different - well not that much, just cheaters in the enemy.
I think many games make us rage quit. Not because we can't play games. but clues are too hard to find. And another thing is that it can get pretty difficult on the mystery games side where you have limited options to think of as well.
I recently had a lot of lag from the mobile legends made me want to quit the game for sure, I think it'd be seriously troublesome to play with lag.

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