What video game has the the most realistic graphics?


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Mar 23, 2019
Which video game do you think has the most realistic graphics that you have ever seen? Sure, there are a lot of AAA games where the details are on the next level but I just wanted to hear other people opinions too.

From the games I have played I can nominate ARK: Survival Evolved and Grand Theft Auto V. Both of them look amazing, especially when you turn the graphic settings on high or max. But I feel that ARK has a bit better graphics than GTA. Other video games which I haven't played but I think that they also look awesome: Rise of the Tomb Raider, God of War IV, COD: WWII.
I think Battlefield V especially with the Xbox One X on a 4k TV would have some of the most realistic graphics and gameplay of it's generation. The graphics are insanely realistic even without 4k in my opinion. Most games look good on the Xbox One X but Battlefield V is just so realistic
I think a lot of games are with the realistic graphics. For example, serious sam series seems to be having the realistic graphics in the third game. And another good game that I have seen so far recently is the No man's sky. It seems like a good graphics for that game too. It's really cool just observing the game.

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