What video game does everybody like except you?


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Mar 27, 2019
I am sure this is something we must have experienced at some point, even if not exactly with videogames. there is always that one thing everybody is singing praise and saying how good it is while you just can't find the appeal at all. I am not talking about disliking something because you get saturated with it while it is overly popular, I am talking of games that even after all that has faded away you'd still hate. Games you probably have tried to give a proper go, maybe even told you were going to love it but it was just too boring, tedious or just plainly not up to your alley.

Is there a game everybody loves but you can't really stand?
APEX Legends. But I'm typically very biased on that whole genre of games. Never really got into them.
Almost all of my friends are into Fortnite because it's free to play and doesn't require that powerful PC as other battle royale games. While me on the other side, I prefer PUBG way much than Fortnite for a various of reasons. Firstly, I find the cartoon graphics just not in place for that type of game. Secondly, I'm looking for a realism when purchasing a battle royale game. Breaking houses with a pickaxe seems strange.
I think in such case there would be a lot of such games. For example pacman which I never liked there are people who loved it pretty much. And they continue making use of similar games on android too. So I kind of feel there are lot of such games which I don't like but others do.
That bloody APEX Legends game. I've no idea where the heck it shot out of but I've played the games a few times now just trying to get into it and I cant. It's an odd system, I can't seem to launch far-away attacks like I can on PUBG and it seems people are able to creep up on me with no warning and smack the life out of me. I just don't get it - maybe it's a bit too fast-paced for my liking. I do like their lobby system vs PUBG's but that's like the only feature that I like about it lol.

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