What video game are you best at?

Martin Berisford

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Mar 29, 2019
Just like the topic says really in this one! What do you feel is the game you have the most deep connection with? The game where you know everything about everything and can dominate all those opponents who stand in your way? For me, the game that I feel the 'best' at is Call of Duty World at War - I used to be a bit of a beast on that game but the game where I have the most knowledge with is probably GTA San Andreas. I could more than likely tell you a lot about that game!

What about you lot?
For me that has to be the tower defense games. It seems like lot more fun to play most of the tower defense games and MOBA in some of the context. That's what I have noticed.
First it was Duke Nukem and Doom. Then Quake 1, Quake 2, Quake 3. The graphics just keep improving.
Yes graphics improved a lot after the doom series. I have had some fun while working on some of the games like the duke nukem too. I think lot of those games had some decent graphics there.
I seem to be discovering I have a natural gift at Super Smash Bros ultimate. I'm also not that bad at Call of Duty, if the game is played fairly. I used to be a beast at Halo as well but haven't played it in a while. Going to very much enjoy playing Halo Infinite when it releases
The Sims. My hand-eye coordination is not that good so shooters are not good for me.
Runescape I am okay at I mean 15 years would do that... I use to speed run division 2 and was really good at 1.

I compete for an esports team in siege albeit not very good but did okay in the positions.

I was a competitive cod player at one point as well but realised it took up way too much of my life for a game to take up.
Heroes of Might and Magic III


Rocket League


Worms Armageddon
I'll start out by saying this is an excellent question and conversation starter! I play a select few games on PS4, the games I play are Fortnite, Call of Duty Vanguard, and Warzone. I may occasionally play other games but those are my main three. As for Fortnite, I wouldn't say that I am the best player but I'm definitely not the worst, I have plenty of wins, over 380. As for Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer, I get the MVP board 8 out of every 10 games, so I consider myself to be pretty good at the game, I normally rank in the top 2 on each leaderboard. As for Warzone, this game is a lot more difficult for me, so it really varies. Sometimes I do good, and other times I'm really bad. Out of the three games, I would say I am best at playing Call of Duty Vanguard.
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I think I have a deep connection to Myth Of Empires. How disappointed I was when the developers started having problems with Steam. I hope they resolve it all soon. I'm playing it like a beast in general. Even buy myth of empires copper coins to play at maximum and not limit myself to what. I think this game will always remain in my heart.
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