What two games would you merge to create the perfect game?


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Dec 25, 2018
As the title suggest, what two games would you merge to create the perfect game?
Driveclub and GTA. Would love to have the proper licenses for vehicles and car graphics in Grand Theft Auto. The only thing that they lack in my opinion is the cars and brands. Would love to have Driveclub style graphics as well.
I'm a very simple man, I would love a mix between the story of GTA SA (which always was the best for me, despite how great GTA V was in terms of the depth of the story) and the map size/graphics/realism that you'll find in GTA V. Those two together would be amazing and if rumors are correct, the next GTA in the collection will be mad expansive and have a great story to boot. I can't wait to find out what it will be.
I think we can merge the racing game with say action game. Like say chase the bad guys in car and then have fight on some place. That can be a good option as well. I think that's something is worth trying.

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