What time of day is best for playing games?

I can only play games at night because aside from being busy at school, my parent could not lecture me about playing because they're already asleep. I rarely play games these days though, too busy, sadly.
Usually I play games after my work hours or when I get back home. But I prefer to play during the evenings when my kids are already sleeping
I prefer playing at night for several reasons:

  1. Where I live, it is much cooler at night than in the daytime so I won't be bothered by the high temperatures while playing.
  2. It's much quieter because most people are asleep/about to go to sleep.
  3. I've finished all my tasks for the day and therefore have the free time to spend on games.
  4. Playing games is my way of relaxing after a long day of work/activities.

Of course when I get hooked on a game, I find myself playing it whenever I want to.
Usually it's the evening because it's when I have finished doing all of my tasks and chores. Evening is quiet, dark and cozy. All family members are asleep as well! Time for some ruthless gaming hehe! :)
I prefer playing games in the afternoon. I am at college and I'm studying a lot, so I have to precisely plan every day. I have a habit to wake up early, finish good part of studying until the afternoon and then, I make a pause from studying by playing games. After that, I study a bit more, and in the evening, I watch something that relaxes me, a good movie for example. So, my time of a day for playing games is the afternoon. I feel relaxed then, so I can really enjoy playing games.
I agree, that's one thing I consider also, fast internet connection during late night and you can enjoy the game all you want without log or interruption.
Anytime of the day would be a great time to play with my son. He is 4 years old and yet he knows how to play Justcause3, Rayman, Destiny, and I don't recall the other games. But I limit our time in playing. Sort of bonding moments.
The best time for me to play video games are late at night because I have two kids and when they see me in the front of my PC they want to play as well so, I must wait for them to go to sleep to play games or listen to music or even to watch a movie on NetFlix.
I prefer to play games late in the evening when everybody is sleeping. But for the most part is, during whatever period of time you can actually enjoy playing the game without unwanted distraction/interruption.
I use to play at night not that it's an exception cuz I'm just used to do every thing at night to the point that my friends call me the owl, still I don't really play now as much as I did as a kid or as a teenager, It's too much stress thinking about the things you have waiting to be done while wasting your time on a Fifa match.
I prefer playing in the evening. That's when all my responsibilities for the day are taken cared of and I'm free to just relax and enjoy my game. I always make it a point to finish everything I need to do for the day before I sit down and play.
I tend to play videogames late at night. I was always sort of a night owl and to me it just feels right.
I prefer to play either early in the morning or late nights. During this time, I can play my games without being interrupted Thus gaining hours upon hours of gameplay. The time I play also depends on what genre of game I'm playing if it's a horror game I obviously play it during the night and if it's an adventure type game, similar to the Uncharted series, I'll play it in the morning.
The best time of day to play games for me would be from 4 to 8, or around there. At that time, I'm coming home from school, so I just want to sit down and chill for a little bit. Playing during those times works really well for me because not only do I get 4 hours to play games, I also have lots of time for my homework before going to bed.
Evening and Late Midnight is the best way for me to play games because the people around the house are all sleeping it make me concentrate more on the game.
As a society, we all have different work and study plans. Some of us work or learn in the dark rather than daylight.

Thinking of yourself personally, what would you generally say is the best time for you to play computer games and how long for

Morning, afternoon, evening, or at night?
I think best time depends on the time where you can churn without being responsible for the time being spent. So I guess weekends, breaks between work and the time we spend in train and the transport. Those are the times when we tend to play on our own. And it can be pretty much a good option on that note.
Yeah, weekends usually for me. I don't play much during the week because of work and school, so i usually binge on the weekend.
For me, at least I think so, the best time to get on the PC and play some video games is during the evening. I have finished all what I was planning to finish during the day and I have my time now for gaming and to relax. No one can say you a thing when you want to have some rest. In the weekends I find all parts of the day to be perfect for a long gaming session.
Afternoon to evening can be a good time. As long as you find some good game and have a good time. I think that is good enough and in fact more or less reasonable for the gaming habits. I love off time to be killed like that.

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