What the $%&^# is wrong with this developer?!


Well I think game looks realistic from the point of view of the developer. I don't think he can be blamed. We live in world where survival of fittest thrive. So such plots are not unknown. I don't think there is anything wrong with developer. Not making this game won't take away the reality.

Matt C.

Okay while I don’t agree with this game, I do agree with freedom of speech. If you can’t make this game, then what else will Steam restrict?
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That's a bit ridiculous for someone to make a game like that. Yes as @Matt C. has said it's not against the law and they shouldn't be punished for it nonetheless making a game like that is a bit on the stupid side. Wouldn't want little kids to get ahold of a game like that. Quite sad what games are being made into these days. Some games have to have violence because their shooters but it's some of these darker games that make me wonder. There was one really dark game I saw on YT where a guy killed his whole family and you had to keep yourself from going insane while you searched for clues about the family and stuff like that. Really terrible
Just goes to show there is all kinds of people in this world. But yeah this is a freedom of speech and its not like anyone is forcing someone to play it.