What songs and artists were introduced to you by games?


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Mar 27, 2019
I was making a playlist the other day and I realize that some groups I got to know them because of other games. For example, The Sims 3 and their indy station got me into Manchester Orchestra through their simlish version of "I've got friends".

I remember that I first heard that song Ghosts by Ladytron because of a level in Little Big Planet 2. That song was an interesting earworm, haha. And like a ghost, you might find it in different games like, once again, The Sims 3 and Need for Speed Undercover.

Other than that, I'd imagine in games with radio stations like the Grand Theft Auto series can be grounds to find a song for the first time that you really enjoy. I guess the wrestling games too, unless you are a wrestling hardcore, then maybe you already know them all from the entrances, hahaha.

I think it is really neat that videogames can be another way to introduce you to music that otherwise you wouldn't have stumbled on your own.

Have you ever found a song like that, through a videogame?
Have you ever come to dig more into a band you found because of a random song in a videogame and find yourself liking more about the band or artist as you listen to more of their songs?

Of course that you are introduced to it through a game doesn't mean you have to love it, but if it left an impression on you, it'd be interesting to hear your experiences with real music being played in games and you being exposed to them through the videogames first.:)
Assassins creed music director Jesper Kyd. I learned about him that he has been giving soundtrack to various horror movies too.
nobuo uematsu from the final fantasy series and Revo of Sound horizon is another, both are amazing and led me to lots more music.
If you have played Serious Sam game, you may find some really good background music in it. Be it level specific or overall transition from level to another. The music is definitely worth listening to.


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