What programming language do you use to create games?


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Jan 24, 2019
Who is into computer programming? Who has programmed a game - or thought about it? Well, myself, I thought about it - but time-wise, I could never do it. O.K. I did buy a book - back when I was into programming (the 2000s decade).
You must have a full understanding of HTML to start of with. Then, you may need to learn and have the knowledge of the following languages in order to create a successful video game:

  • Java
  • Java script
  • C++
  • C#
  • Objective C
Most of the people on Windows are making use of the C# with Unity. In case of the Gamemaker it is also C# type language. In case of Godot engine and Panda engine, it has the python engine. And most of the Android games have the javascript and Java. So depending on your platform the language may vary for sure.
What language did you use? What exactly attracted you to that one? Did you find programming difficult? O.K., let's assume you didn't make a game. Have you ever thought of making one? What language would seem acceptable?

Myself, I have took programming classes at various parts of my life - so I'm sure I've programmed a simple game or two. However, though, I've never went into anything even mildly complex.

Anyway, I have studied some complex programming, though, that wasn't gaming related. Who has done that? Who has studied programming at all? Where did you study? What mode - school, book self study, computer self-study - did you find the most useful?
I have learned javascript and also learned how to use YoYogames game maker. But it is hard to come up with game story and long and lengthy games. I personally think that if you want to get into game development. Have some story or game idea ready otherwise you get stuck and not move ahead.
I have learned enough java to make a type of game out of it, but its not as easy as you think.
Yes story and the user response to game are two things that can be experience to learn. And things get harder as you add more complexity. I think on that note I may consider getting back to Yoyogames creator. Who knows at the most I can release a good game.

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