What MMORPG to play in 2019?


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I used to be quite the avid Runescape player (RS3 only though, sorry old-schoolers!) and it's been awhile since I've delved myself deep into the realms of an MMORPG and I was wondering if there was any newer ones that I should pick up in particular. I do know that OSRS is still around and going strong but I'm sorry that I just cannot get myself into it lol, it just doesn't work for me. I'm looking for something Runescape-ish by way of the flow of the game though that might exist nowadays though if anyone has any suggestions?


I think you can try these games

Black Desert Online

They are really big games to try. I could give you detailed reviews about them because you need to play them on your device and feel.
Hope you will find an interesting games for you. Good luck.


A little bit tangent but have you played anime based "Sword art online". Some people love it and some hate it. But it;s not that bad and it's worth checking out if you are into the MMORPG. I think for such games if you are into anime based games, that is worth trying.