What makes Real Car Parking game stand out?


Dec 23, 2021
What are some key features and challenges that make the Real Car Parking game stand out among other car parking simulation games? How does the game provide a realistic and immersive parking experience for players? Are there different modes or levels in the game that offer varying difficulty levels or unique scenarios to test players' parking skills. Additionally, what are some notable customization options available in the game to personalize the cars and parking environments? Finally, how does the Real Car Parking game compare to other similar parking games in terms of graphics, controls, and overall gameplay experience?

thanks in advance for any help.
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I'm just gonna glance over the fact that this is a very poorly disguised promotion of this game (It's obvious, @miamaelia . You may as well roll down your windows and wave, we can all see you.) and address one rather interesting thing about the very first sentence:

What are some key features and challenges that make the Real Car Parking game stand out among other car parking simulation games?

Please, tell this isn't a genre! Tell there isn't enough people making video games themed around this ridiculous idea that there is actually a battle for supremacy in this field!

Gaming 101: Playing video games is a form of escapism in entertainment For escapism to work, the place the game takes the player to and role the player plays need to empower them. That doesn't they have to become superhero or a dragonslayer. Nor does it have to involve a real life achievement few people have a chance to earn like lifting the Champions League Trophy, becoming the F1 World Champion or being anti-hero villain, like a crime boss in a GTA game. It can involve becoming something more down to earth and even a goal very possible in real life, like playing a a cop or a soldier. Either way, let the player expernce being someone or do something they won't or can't do in real life.

For simulation games to achieve this, they can do one of two things:

  1. Make a complete joke out of it, like in Goat Simulator or Untitled Goose Game.
  2. Think big and play to a real life fantasy, like flying a plane. Going that route you cab impress with making the game as true to life as possible without letting in too many of the inconveniences of reality. For example, in a game whare you play as a cop, cut out the tedious paperwork part of it.
The point is that playing an accurate, true to life recreation of a daily chore or inconvenience does not empower the player. You know what happens when you successfully simulate a boring, annoying chore as video game? That video game becomes a boring, annoying chore!

Frankly, the only reason any developer would make a video game with such a limited theme with such limited possibilities as parking a car, literally being the whole game, is because that's the limit of of said developer's talent. It's the same reason so much crappy shovelware games involve shooting zombies, it's because the dev's don't know how to program AI any more sophisticated than that. Not that all zombie games are like that of course, it's just an example of what I'm on about.

TL:DR, I can't really tell you what I want out of a a game where you park cars because a video game themed entirely round parking cars is something I wouldn't want to play at all. Maybe if there was a game whare could park cars, and drive them, maybe even race them. And not just cars, but busses, trucks, boats, helicopters and planes. Or not race them if I don't feel like it, just drive them to places whare you then do other things. Things like play pool, tip strippers and rob banks, perhaps...


Yeah, that would be fun.

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