What Made WoW Burning Crusade Special


Regardless of what you think about WoW Burning Crusade, it was undeniably special.

The first time isn’t always the best time. Regardless of how you make out that statement, there is truth to it. At the same time, best is subjective. So, in relation to this debate, where does World of Warcraft Burning Crusade stand? There are arguments for and against it being the best. However, what is inarguably true is that there are many things that make WoW TBC gold, and these are just some of them.

The Dark Portal

Perhaps the biggest thing to ever happen in the Burning Crusade and etched onto players’ memories and the history of not just the game but of the genre - nay, the entire industry – would be the opening of the Dark Portal as a live event rather than a mere cinematic. In scale and spectacle, it is a pioneer. And it should be no surprise why, as World of Warcraft was an unrivaled juggernaut at the time.

With Burning Crusade, the giant Blizzard made got even bigger, and for many reasons. And what better way to reflect how big the changes were going to be than with a giant portal leading to a different world – a portal that further expands the lands adventurers can explore?

Giants, however, fall if they’re not made to stand properly. Same is true with World of Warcraft. Proper game support by the developers and the player base is key. Unfortunately, there have been slips in the former as time went on. It’s why retail isn’t doing as well as it used to, but still had a stellar reputation at the time of Burning Crusade’s first release. It’s also that same support that made sure there are millions of players around the world that wanted to continue playing until they find themselves sitting in front of that portal, waiting as it opened. It’s why the servers crashed and queues for WoW TBC Classic Account logging in had to be put up.

Flying Mounts

Another thing that made the expansion special would be flying mounts. From a purely PVE content-focused lens, a flying mount doesn’t really mean anything. However, for those looking for a new and a once-unique experience, flying mounts are complete game-changing WoW TBC Classic items.

WoW back then was very different. It’s not just because the game itself was structured differently, but also because the player base acted differently as well. Players weren’t purely competitive back then, but were also into the game’s roleplaying elements. They took time to have fun as well as enjoy what is in Azeroth. And what better way to smell the roses than by riding a flying mount that you had to work hard for before you can buy with WoW TBC Classic gold? Players looked at this beautiful and expansive world from gryphons, drakes, and hippogryphs for the first time ever, and it was marvelous.

New Races – Blood Elf and Draenei

One of the things that made World of Warcraft interesting would be its seemingly never-ending conflict between the Alliance and the Horde. Bringing the four races in Warcraft III into two factions and then adding new ones, World of Warcraft has made a dynamic system of competition that is not only faithful to the lore, but has also pushed players to be their very best.

At the same time, this particular system has one huge drawbacks – lack of access to particular classes. To preserve the lore, any of the Horde races cannot be Paladins. The same goes with those of the Alliance and not being able to be a Shaman. Blizzard can waive those lore-based limitations, and even actually did eventually, but given how the player base was very lore-conscious at the time, they cannot, so they didn’t.

Instead, they launched Blood Elf and Draenei races, which belonged to the faction opposite of what most players expected them to be. It made perfect sense why, as the Blood Elf sought the same Fel magic that powered the Horde, while the Draenei wanted to get away from it.

At the same time, these races still retained certain traits of their former allegiances. For that, the Blood Elf is the sole access of the Horde to the Paladin class, while the Draenei is that of the Alliance to the Shaman. It was a brilliant way for factions to get a class they once didn’t have without breaking the lore. Plus, this made the Draenei and Blood Elf popular.

World of Warcraft many changes and dip in quality has made these things lose their shine. Thankfully, with WoW Burning Crusade Classic, their shine is back. And since the iteration is taking a different course, they’ll shine longer than they used to.


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Aug 25, 2021
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