What kind of movies do you like?


Jun 4, 2020
I like comedy movies. I'll take a good laugh any day of the week. That being said I don't mind the genre of the movie as long as it's good but I definitely prefer comedies, I watch too much dark stuff.


Jun 7, 2020
I pretty much like every type of movie in all honesty. Though, my favorite genre is probably horror, I watch A LOT of horror movies. Specifically, I've been watching a lot of found footage movies, some good some...well, I won't tell you my honest opinion about some of them. Let's just say, everyone thinks they can make a decent found footage film and they just can't. But still, horror is my favorite genre all around.


Jul 2, 2020
Outside of a few animated films, I've not seen anything newer than, Source Code I believe. It was kind of meh...

Some of my favorite movies of in no particular order would be

The Sting
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind
The Last Dragon
Rio Bravo


Jul 5, 2020
Love a lot of horror, pretty much all sub-genres of it. Honestly, if there was a "Netflix for Horror" featuring the classics, and more importantly, all the smaller, weirder films, I'd consider it a much better idea than the current set-up of dividing things into Netflix/disney/hulu/hbo/dc/wftbbq.

Last film I watched wasn't actually a horror tho, it was Alphago, the documentary about the computer that beat the world champion at Go. It's free on youtube, and it's pretty gripping honestly.


Jun 2, 2020
Any movie with a good plot to it. I like movies I have to think about, which is usually movies the critics hate. Critics hate all movies that they don't know the ending of in the first 30 minutes into it. Really, keep track sometimes. If the movie has a really hard to guess ending, and it's a great movie, They think it makes Them look stupid. They don't need movies to do that.

MOST movies that come out today are unwatchable to me. Maybe 10% of them are worth sitting through. And I won't watch movies I have to Read! If I wanted to read, I would be reading a book! With books, you can use your imagination, so it is usually better than the movie. Movies are visual and audio mediums. It's what I see and hear, Not read, that's important to Me. I don't want my eyes drawn away from the screen to read about what's going on. If it's released in this country, then dub it! The only person that's opinion matters to is ME. No matter what anyone else believes, I will not watch those movies unless they speak English.

Does that limit what I can watch? Sure it does. But over the years I have found that subtitled movies I Have bothered to watch, were NEVER worth the trouble to. That's why I won't pay to go to the movies anymore. Their previews all make them look good, even if it means making it look like a total lie. So, I don't believe the previews anymore either.

I wait until I can read about what real people think of a movie before I bother to watch it. If it gets good ratings, And many say it was hard to understand, then it's My kind of movie!
Jun 15, 2019
My next movie is about a guy called James who has a dog called Cody, and James is immune. But his lab is in Africa.

The password is Rub and he posts on Kiwi Farms, just to get the post deleted to avoid Google spidering, and because the college in Nebraska omitted him. He's kind of a gimp. But while he has excelled in science, he used it unproductively. Zombies were born!


Nah, I am spouting shite. But it's a good idea nonetheless. 😂