What is your mouse speed settings for gaming?


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Jan 10, 2019
What speed have you manually adjusted your mouse on? Towards, fast, slow or in the middle somewhere? What made you change the default settings? As you can see below, mine is on the second fastest and it's been working like a charm for me ever since.

Most gamers use a Bluetooth Mouse rather than the touchpad built into Laptops anyway. Mine is set at it's highest as when your in movement it's easier to direct your character as less physical movement is required and my accuracy of aiming also improves from this change. What about you?
I have kept the mouse speed on default. And it can be pretty good enough for most of the games. i don't see much reason for increasing the response of the mouse. I mean there are times when you may want to adjust the speed. And it does not work out on that basis. I personally think that it can be good in some cases though.
I really don't care about this nowadays because I barely don't use the mouse anymore (it's very rare). I mean, it's still a good option for some specific games, but I do well without it, haha!
When the mouse speed is set up too much at the extreme, controlling the pointer seems to be very difficult, which is why I always set mine at default or a little bit higher above default in order to help it move fast a bit.
Lot of people experiment with mouse speed. I have yet to find out what could be the reason behind that though. I mean too much sensitivity is not good. Often the default set OS speed is good enough. And you don't have to increase or decrease the same. Most of the games can work fine with that as well.
Eh, I don't play PC much but there is a chance I would just put the speed of my mouse just a tad bit under the highest point of fast.
I try to manage the mouse sensitivity mostly in the FPS games and the games which require more control over the aim.

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