What is your favourite car racing video game?


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Feb 7, 2019
I know there are some of us who make use of the car specific games like NFS and others. I personally have enjoyed the NFS and the other racing games like Rally etc.
So which are your some of the favorite Car Racing games?
NFS and GTA are kind of common among those who like the race games. I personally love it too.
Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005). Love the soundtrack :D It had its own flaws. I wasn't a huge fan of the fact that it was taking place during the day and the tunning options were limited (compared to Need for Speed: Underground games) but regardless of that it gave me good memories. When I was 12 it introduced me to open-world racing games (before that I didn't think such a thing existed lol) and the iconic BMW M3 GTR is a legendary car by this point. I love how you had to win it back by going through the Blacklist bosses. From zero to hero :D BTW it was so epic when at the end of Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift they played one of the songs from NFS:MW. That was the last Fast and Furious movie for me and I see that moment as an epic conclusion to that series which turned from street racing to heists with cars later on. Fast and Furious films lost their identity as time went on and that's sad.

Need for Speed: Carbon (2006) was also very fun and had some nice songs. However, to this day I don't understand why didn't they add neons??? They would have looked so cool at night, just like in the Underground games! I don't know if new NFS games have neons, at least I didn't notice them in the trailers. Even GTA V has neons now. I lost interest in NFS games since 2008, when NFS: Undercover came out buuut..... I will check out NFS: Heat as it comes out. Judging from the box art it seems it will take up the retro aesthetic of the 80s, just like FarCry3: Blood Dragon or GTA: Vice City did. I look forward to that.
Need for Speed: Most Wanted :D old is gold
I hear ya brother. I don't know, maybe I'm old fashioned but I don't care. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mass Effect 2, Fallout 3, GTA: San Andreas, Old Need for Speeds, Unreal Tournament 1999, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (multiplayer on Steam) - that's how I roll.
It has been some time since I last played a racing game other than Mario Kart :p if I had to pick though It'd probably be Need For Speed.
I think those DiRT games are also good. If you are comparing the intense racing that is.
I'd say NFS hot pursuit is also good in case of the underground 2 is pretty old but it's also a good game.
If you ever want to just have mindless fun I suggest Burnout: Paradice. The cars are mostly fictional (maybe based on some real-life equivalents). It's an open-world street-racing game much like Need for Speed but it features really brutal car crash animations. There's this race mode where go through the city at high-speed and ram into opponents. It's really over the top and stupid, but in a fun way.
I just checked the burnout paradise. I have not checked the remaster version though. I watched gameplay but i have to personally try it.
I love to play need for speed but, I am excited about the upcoming NFS Heat. The day and night concept came true in NEED FOR SPEED HEAT
NFS Heat seems to be a good game but I have not tried it. You can check the gameplay on youtube so far I think NFS series after hot pursuit were good.
The Crew 2 was fun for its open world, Forza was quite good, and GTA (although its not a proper racing game)
I don't think you can go far wrong with the Codemasters F1 games in terms of actual racing..

The AI have come on leaps and bounds over the last few iterations - the days of 'rail driving' (I'm looking at you Gran Turismo) are long gone.

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