What is your favourite Anime and Manga?

My favourite anime is overlord and my favourite manga is fluttering feelings. This is one of the best anime and manga.

What is your favourite Anime and Manga?


I really enjoyed One Punch Man, as it is incredibly unrealistic and far-fetched. But this extreme exaggeration of this Super Hero powers is what makes this show comical and entertaining. I am looking forward to Season 2!


My Hero Academia is my favorite anime of all time. I can't wait for the next movie and new season! I haven't even seen the first movie yet though and I've been wanting to read the manga.
My favorite domestic anime is JoJo and Dragon Ball. My favorite overseas anime is Tom & Jerry

I love cartoons, coterie cartoons
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Probably Space Adventure Cobra. Then in no particular order Machine Robo, and Dragon Ball Z I guess. But huge fan of Appleseed, Grendizer, Saint Seiya, Macross & Macross plus, Ninja Scroll.