What is the most addictive game you've played?


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Feb 1, 2019
At the moment, the only game which I'm too much addicted to playing is Top Eleven Football Manager.

It's an online football manager game that is played worldwide by millions of people.

It's available on both Google play store and Apple store.
Currently I am playing 7 Grand Steps: What the ancients begat. It's hard to describe what this game is. It feels almost like a single player board game. You manage your family as you try to earn status and tokens. You use your resources to advance your reputation and social standing without falling prey to being eaten by crocodiles as the wheel of time ages your family. It lends itself to casual play and is very addictive. Its an old game and definitely not everyone's cup of tea but for now I am addicted to it more than before. o_O
I am not sure if I can consider my self addictive playing certain games but there is one online games that I use to play "the moblie legend". But in my case i still know how to manage my time like if i need to make some stuff, I can still d9 it bjt to be honest theres a little delay of time. lol
People are addicted to mobile games. Almost all types of games, for example: fortnite ,pubg, 4 pics 1 word and 8 ball pool.
So what type of games are you addicted to?
And what to you recommend for me?
In my opinion, mobile games are the most addictive games. One of the simplest reason is that access to the mobile is very easy. For video games you should sit down, turn on the PC, you should set a time to do it but for mobile games, you can do it even in the bus or whenever that you have access to your phone. It's funny but I've been addicted to this game "Candy Crush". I was playing it every day whenever I had time. The only way I could get rid of it was to uninstall it!!! and yes now I'm all clean:geek:
I'm fond of MOBAs like Onmyoji Arena and Mobile Legends, though those are fillers to a degree. I like to play those when there's wifi and there's nothing else to play.

I'm addicted to turn-based strategy games with gatcha aspects. I absolutely adore Fate: Grand Order and Onmyoji because of this.
I go through waves of being extremely addicted to playing The Sims, and then forgetting about it completely.
These days I am playing minecraft pocket edition. I am not addicted to this game, however, this is the only game I am playing these days.
I was also addicted to Candy Crush. However, I had to stop playing this game because I was damaging my device battery by playing 5-6 hours in a day. I was also addicted to Temple Run, and I am not playing this game any more.
Currently addicted to Kingdom Hearts, I was lucky enough to be gifted an all in one kingdom hearts package. I've already played KHFM, KH2, and BBS back when they got released but it's so nice to be able to re-play them again.
I was already addicted to many games a few years ago (there were so many that I can't count on / remember all of them right now). In fact, the addiction still remains (strong than ever, haha!), but I no longer have as much time to play as I used to have in the old days.

Sometimes it's hard being an adult, haha!
For me it has to be Realm defense. Some of the heroes on that game are worth playing. And the best part is that it gets addictive on many ways. Most of the tower defense games are like that. They keep you engaged and it can be fun playing some of them. I tend to spend more time these days on FPS and tower defense games.
It's hard to say one game for which I get addicted. Some of the time I find the PUBG being more addictive. And in case of the tower defense games, I prefer to make play the realm defense. I know there are some really good games these days. But it all kind of depends the mood though. I don't get addicted to one game all the time.
I'm currently playing Dota2 right now . I'm always eager to reach and improve my skills on playing the game.Every update of the game is exciting it keeps balancing the whole game. They don't have any exploits and bugs.
The first game was ever been addicted was back on 2002 the game name Ragnarok Online. The first ever online game on that time. I even get my money parents on pursue just to go to cafe and play the whole day.
NBA2k games are addicting for me because it has superb graphics and I like basketball.
I'd say Marvel Future Fight is my current addiction. I love the MCU so much and playing Future Fight on Android fills in the gap between movies. I play it everyday for the daily rewards and quests.
Rocket League. I have a real problem with Rocket League, I cannot stop playing once I start. I recently reinstalled it and for all the great games I have in my backlog - it's just Rocket League.

I deleted it last night for the 5th time.

Great topic. I have enjoyed gaming all my life and online service style games are going to become a social issue moving forwards. They are too addictive.
I kind of feel addicted to the tower defense games. And it can be pretty fun if you ask me. Lot of times those games add up more fun in the routine. And it does not feel much busy for me. I tend to make good times with those games. That's one reason I say I am kind of addicted to some of those games.

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