What is the max you would spend on a video game?


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Mar 23, 2019
Basically the question is in the tittle - how much money would you spend at max for one video game? Games seem to be going only up in price and I rarely see cheap deals if there isn't a sale. And it's even worse if there isn't regional pricing. For an example - I'm a PC gamer and I'm using Steam but regional pricing isn't supported here. So, I would probably spend at max 60 euros for a single video game if it's a long story-driven game and if I really want to play it. But I could wait for a sale. ;)
I think the way things are going to be working out. I don't think the spending has to be more than 20$. I think that is the maximum amount one can spend into the game. That's what I have noticed.
I'd say a max of $100, but it would have to be something I really want with content that really interests me.
This year I wish to play as much as freemium games if possible. But I don't know if I can have some amount of money I may consider spending them on the games or say even the apps would do good enough on that note.

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