What is the difference between the Xbox One controller and the Dualshock 4 controller?


Aug 3, 2021
In appearance and key layout.

It can be seen that the button layout on the left and right sides of the Daulshock4 handle tends to be symmetrical, while the Xboxone handle has the joysticks arranged in the upper right and lower left, the cross keys are arranged in the lower left, and the function keys are arranged in the upper right, an asymmetrical layout.

Features and performance of the two handles

Xboxone controller: It is said that the Xbox controller was developed by Microsoft at a cost of 100 million US dollars, so the high price is understandable. The Xbox controller allows you to easily hold it without opening your mouth. It is very comfortable and practical to operate most games. The design on the back of the handle is very clever, all three fingers can be placed in the corresponding position, and the arc of the handle is also very comfortable.

The design of the shoulder button and trigger button is very user-friendly. When you like to play a game like a gun car that requires frequent operation with the shoulder button and trigger button, your index finger can complete the shoulder button and the trigger button without major movements. The operation of the trigger button will make the operation process more smooth and reduce the sense of paragraphs of the buttons. If you like to play TPS, FPS shooting games and racing games, then Xboxone gamepad is undoubtedly more suitable for you.

Daulshock4 handle: The difference between the Daulshock4 handle and the Xboxone handle is when you hold it, you need to move your thumb to open your mouth to control the joystick, and your fingers will get tired after a long time.

The design on the back of the handle feels a little lacking, and the three fingers are nowhere to be placed and squeezed together. Of course, it’s no problem to get used to it. The trigger button is relatively soft, and when playing shooting games, I personally feel that it feels normal. But its symmetrical design can make us a good FTG game fighting game. If you are keen on RPG role-playing, FTG fighting games, AVG and STG games, then Daulshock4 is for you. Don't forget, the Daulshock4 handle is a memory of our childhood.

Two different types of handles are not good or bad, but these two types of handles are suitable for different types of games. Choose the corresponding handle to play the corresponding game, and the game experience will be greatly improved.

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