What Inspired: The Uncharted Series


Jul 11, 2020
After the success of the Jak and Daxter series on the PlayStation 2, Naughty Dog decided it was time for the series to take a rest. However, that wasn't the end for Naughty Dog's career. It was merely the beginning of something big. Something that would surpass their past projects in terms of sales, recognition, and graphics.

Naughty Dog had bigger ambitions and wanted to create a more sophisticated blockbuster with realistic graphics, realistic human characters, and breathtaking visuals unlike cartoonish ones seen in previous games. Thanks to the PlayStation 3's advanced technology, the developer was able to make their ideas become a reality. And so their new franchise was born.

The new franchise which I'm talking about is Uncharted. A brand new IP that would come to existence back on November 16, 2007; exclusively on the PlayStation 3. Throughout the making of the game, inspiration was drawn from several games and movies. The team felt that these inspirations matched their visions and so they sought to include these in Uncharted. I'm here today to talk about these inspirations.

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