What horror games genuinely scared you?

Tommy Walls

Jun 15, 2019
I'm sad that Infogrames (or Atari) messed up the Alone in the Dark series. The first game from 1992 is considered the beginning of survival horror, as it has an almost identical engine to the early Resident Evil games. And not only that, you explored a house with zombies, and picked up keys and stuff. Unlike RE though, you could also fight the monsters, whenever it was possible. Sometimes, this wasn't recommended. For example, you did have to often avoid facing the threat. A ballroom of disturbed dancing ghosts could soon turn ugly on you!

My PC copy didn't have sound, which was odd. There's definitely music in the game, because if you play it on a PS2, you can hear the tracks. This suggests to me that old PC games were never truly meant to be played on a Windows system. Another issue is playing awkward games like this with the keys. Oh man. To run, you had to press the escape key and then release it, while trying to direct the character concurrently with the arrow keys.

And yes. Fingers crossed for Thursday night!