Question What have you all been TV binging during lockdown?

Just watch anything, I have amazon prime and just seen about unless TV shows that are boring to worth watching. Even seen movies that I repeated so many times. TV series are worth since they can take a week or so to complete as there are like over 10 episodes to 3 seasons each or even more.

At the moment watching lost again.
Amazon prime is a true godsend for anyone stuck at home, honestly. Could you imagine if blockbuster was still our only choice and they were all closed for corona?
Oohhh! I saw it on my firestick and the pl9t looks really interesting.
It's definitely one of the better 'newer' tv series for sure!
Yeah I hear alot of good things about it just from here haha.
I binged the vampire diaries with a friend haha I've been watching this since the pilot, but didn't watched the last season, when it came out, and now I finally finished it! :geek:
Last week watching Season one and going through two of Lost :)

The survivors of a plane crash find themselves stranded on a mysterious island. They are forced to work together for their survival when they realize that they are not alone on the island.
I think my friend in high school was super into lost. Its a cool idea.
I re-watched all the Lost last year. It's a little dated now but still a great show :)
Movie called "Black Rain" from 1989. Try to track it down and watch it if you can. My brother and I agree it is the coolest movie we've seen in years.

It stars Michael "Gordon Gecko" Douglas as a hard-boiled renegade motorcycle detective from New York who finds himself knee-deep in a yakuza gang war.
Directed by Ridley Scott (the guy who made the Alien movies and has a visual obsession with beautiful textures and gorgeous oranges)
Music by Hans Zimmer (the guy who made the music for Metal Gear Solid games)

It was fantastic. Felt like it was occurring in the Blade Runner universe.
I've been watching a lot of Kim's Convenience and more Grey's Anatomy. If I had the chance, I'd watch TWD and the new season of Stranger Things.
Been watching The Order on Netflix. It's entertaining, but nobody's going to be winning any awards for it, for sure.

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