What good sites do you use to buy gaming hardware?


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Feb 7, 2019
I have found out that online hardware sites can be interesting to make use of purchase. Because you get the discounts. And also the price per unit can be low compared to the local sellers. And it can be good for the warranty and returns too. So if you are buying anything related to gaming online, which are some of those sites? And how do you use them with or without discount?
I haven't tried buying online hardware. I am not comfortable and always have doubts. I want to make sure that I will purchase the right and quality products. I can easily return if ever it's damage. I understand that there are reliable and trusted sellers online but I'm into that kind of thing. The price and discounts maybe of great advantage but always make sure to find a legit seller.
Yes it can be unsafe buying it from online. Because we have no clue which type of distributor is going to dropship it to our home. And we don't know what sort of warranty issues are covered. But yes, the local sellers are always a good option. And we can save our time and may go out for buying the products as well.
I mostly buy anything I buy online nowadays. The only thing I would prefer not to buy online is a TV and that's because everyone I know who has orderd one online seems to get it delivered with a bit of damage somehow. For gaming hardware though, didn't bother me at all. I used trusted sites who I knew had a great returns policy and warranty and as you mention, I got some sweet deals along the way. Nothings wrong with my stuff and it all came in great condition!
Yes some of the warranty specific items are worth buying from the local stores. This way if anything happens we can get the warranty back for the stuff. And also those are easier to repair and manage in such cases. I personally have noticed this to be working out for me. We can't trust much of the online shops for warranty and after sales.

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