What gaming peripherals do you use whilst gaming?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
For me, I have a fair few but I actually haven't gotten around to using them in a little while, but the last few I have used/purchased, was a fighter pilot joystick so I could feel like I was in Top Gun, driving paddles and wheels and my Razer keyboard with a load of macro's I can set individually per game to make life a little bit easier. It's all for when the occasion calls for it really. What about you, which do you own or use?
I will occasionally use headphones for the sound. Typically, I play games with a vanilla set up. I can't justify spending money on peripherals for something I only do casually. I would consider a joystick for pilot games but I fear my time would get to wound up.
My controller is always enough for me at the moment since I don't have the finances to get others peripherals for my gaming experience.
Just the default controller that came with the system, though with my Switch I did buy the pro controller.
I am sticking with the controller. I may consider VR unit if I can find enough games that can get to me. But so far sticking with current setup.

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